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Antique Clock
Our constantly changing display of Antique Clocks consists of some of the best time-honored heirlooms. To be considered an Antique, a clock must be at least 60 years old.

Antique clocks combine tradition and elegance for a unique ownership. History can be told through the craftsmanship and sound of any Antique clock. Clocks have been an integral part of cultures allowing carpenters, blacksmiths and astronomers to unite. Some clocks can be priceless, but regardless of the worth, the sentimental value and one-of-a-kind feel cannot be appraised. Before the time of assembly lines and name brands, antique clocks demonstrate fine, detailed wood and metal working. Others present hand paintings that would rival other works of art of their time. A collection of Antique clocks can be represented as a time line of artistic periods and technological advances.

Antique clocks also show the history of American industry of the last 200 years. Manufacturers like Seth Thomas, E. Ingraham, W. M. Gilbert, New Haven Clock Company, Ansonia Clock Company, Chelsea Clock Company, E. Howard & Company and many more are all American companies that started in the early to mid 1800’s!

Withstanding the Test of Time…

Not only are Antique clocks visually appealing, they can be used as a means of connecting with generations and become a valuable family heirloom.  With the proper care a clock can last for generations. Whether a clock is decades or centuries old, the time that it keeps today will forever be part of the place it has held in time.

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