These rare and hard-to-find clocks are only a fraction of the selection we have for sale in both our Haddonfield and Turnersville locations. Come in and find the antique clock you’ve been looking for! Remember this is only a short list. We have too many clocks available to list them all here!

Full Durfee
Walter H. Durfee Tall Case Clock ca. 1880’s

RARE John Whitehead Haddonfield Tall Case Clock ca. 1800’s-1820’s

French Blue Delft Clock for Sale
French Blue Delft Royal Bond Porcelain Clock ca 1870-1880

Time-only Swiss Pinwheel Floor Clock for Sale
Time-only Swiss Pinwheel Floor Clock in American case ca. 1860-1870

Gilbert Thespian Wall Clock for Sale
Gilbert Thespian Wall Clock ca. 1900

Eli and Samuel Terry Pillar and Scroll
**SOLD** Eli & Samuel Terry Pillar and Scroll ca. 1810-1820

Chelsea 3/4 Pillar and Scroll Clock for Sale
**SOLD** Chelsea 3/4 Pillar and Scroll Clock ca. 1940 in beautiful Mahogany case

Seth Thomas Number 2 Regulator
**SOLD** Seth Thomas No. 2 Regulator ca. 1910

Ithaca Calendar Clock Company Double-Dial Calendar Clock
**SOLD** Ithaca Calendar Clock Company Double Dial Calendar Clock ca. 1880’s

J. E. Caldwell Mantel Clock with Chelsea Movement
**SOLD** J. E. Caldwell Mantel Clock with 7-Jewel Chelsea Strike Movement ca. 1920

1880 English Fusee Wall Clock
**SOLD** English Time-Only Fusee Wall Clock ca. 1880’s

Double Decker Steeple Clock for Sale
**SOLD** Double Decker Steeple Clock ca. 1860

**SOLD** Seth Thomas “Jupiter” Wall Clock ca. 1890’s

English Tall Case Clock for Sale
**SOLD** English Tall Case Clock ca. early 19th Century

Rare Jersey Tall Case Clock for Sale
**SOLD** RARE Jersey cabinet with Philadelphia dial and American movement ca. 1818

Elliot English Granddaughter Clock for Sale
**SOLD** Elliot English Granddaughter Clock ca. 1950 in a beautiful Mahogany case.

Anglo-American Wall Clock for Sale
**SOLD** Anglo-American Wall Clock ca. 1870 with replacement dial

English Fusee Pub Clock for Sale
**SOLD** English Fusee Pub Clock ca. 1860

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