Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo Clocks
Our large selection of hand-carved Black Forest cuckoo clocks imported from the Black Forest of Germany are sure to amuse the fanciest clock lover.

Our Cuckoo clocks are as beautiful as they are affordable. Elegantly styled and finely detailed, with cuckooing birds, feeding squirrels, woodchoppers, turning waterwheels and music on the hour and half hour, these wonderful timepieces are a fun way to keep time. They have a natural energy and happiness that will brighten any room. You won’t find more beautiful and affordable decorative timepieces anywhere. We carry 8-day cuckoo clocks as well as 30-hour cuckoo clocks. Cuckoo Clocks are prized for their hand carved scenes, whimsical displays and attractive facades. The first Cuckoo clocks date back to around 1730. It is a product of the almost 100 years of clock making in the Black Forest of Germany that started sometime in the mid 17th century. Bring home Old World charm by purchasing your Cuckoo Clock today.

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Association of Black Forest Cuckoo Authenticity Seal
The members of the VDS organization have been concerned about the authenticity of the product for a long time, a product which represents the Black Forest in a most important way. As a consequence it was decided to introduce a Certificate of Authenticity. The need to give customers the guaranty that the clock they bought definitely comes from the Black Forest area.

Black Forest Clocks allowed to carry this certificate actually have to keep to a high standard. One condition, for example, is that the clock has been made exclusively in the Black Forest. The clock must also be working purely mechanically and all its essential parts have to be produced in the Black Forest, too. VDS Certificate – this is one way to make sure that you buy a high quality product.

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