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In a time of technology, many new gadgets fill our homes, creating a 21st century atmosphere. However, nothing can replace the uniqueness and decorative style of a wall clock. Wall clocks can bring life and character to any room, office or business. The complex craftsmanship and rhythmic tick-tock of a wall clock can never be replaced with boring, ordinary digital clocks. The styles of wall clocks one can choose from are vast but range with in the categories of antique, contemporary, decorative and kitchen clocks. A more traditional wall clock would be one with a pendulum and a crafted wooden cabinet, but today a wall clock can come in many different designs from metallic to taking on shapes like flowers or children’s characters.

The melodies and chimes of wall clocks can range from basic Westminster to composer’s numbers and contemporary songs. Wind-up wall clocks will have a traditional chime while battery wall clocks can have a wide range of different songs. There are also many brands of wall clocks, but there are most certainly better ones such as Howard Miller, Hermle and Ridgeway. Whether a wall clock is wound or battery operated, the presence of one will be noticed. Either for pleasure, tradition or generations to come, wall clocks are a perfect way to liven up any room.

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In addition to our vast inventory of Wall clocks, Hugh’s Clock Shop provides its customers with knowledgeable and professional workmanship. You can call or email us with questions concerning your clock, and we also make house calls (in the South Jersey area). We treat your clocks with the respect and care they deserve.

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